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Handrails on footpaths, cycling paths, and pedestrian bridges all provide an added layer of security for people. For that reason, governments all over the world endeavor to install strong and reliable railings at as many places as they can.

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Railings on the stairs, balconies, and Juliet’s add an extra layer of décor to your house or shop; that’s no secret, but wonderfully crafted handrails, walkway borders, and parapet wall rails can give life and beauty to a city’s aesthetic. Moreover, handrails on footpaths, cycling paths, and pedestrian bridges all provide an added layer of security for people on both sides of the rail. For that reason, governments all over the world endeavor to install strong and reliable railings at as many places as they can. However, to do so, they need a skillful, trusted, and experienced partner that can install railings for them at an affordable cost.

ResCom Railing Systems is the number one choice for all your railing installation and maintenance needs. As the leading railing contractor in the greater Seattle area, we strive to give you the best possible prices for quality and quick work. With years of experience in making portable railings, and undertaking major residential, commercial, and government projects, we know what our customers want and how to give it to them.

At ResCom Railing Systems, we can proudly say that no other vendor or contractor can match our quality and price; so that we don’t act as a burden to the government, but as assets! Our trained and respectable staff are at your call Monday through Friday! We have installed several different types of railings for previous government projects, each finished within the given time frame and beyond the contractee’s expectations.

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Where Can ResCom Railing Systems Install Railings?

Government projects usually mean diversity. While one government institute wants railings to be installed on the public library’s balconies, another wants clear, aluminum railings with glass infill on the beachfront. Some might even want a mix of both! Such contracts often mean that many railing companies who specialize in one type or the other get eliminated in the race to land the contract.

However, installing railings isn’t as simple as it might seem. You need a trained and professional hand to install these railings in order to maintain the beauty of the place and create a safe environment. At ResCom, we have years of experience installing railings in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties. Our dedication to preserving the natural aura of the place with quality products is unrivaled in all of Seattle.

Railing on Footpath


This is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking “government railing contract.” There are a number of places where the government has had handrails installed on the roadside of footpaths. This is done to safeguard pedestrians from passing cars, and vice versa. These rails also act as a barrier to remind people not to cross the street or road. ResCom Railing has installed railings on footpaths across the greater Seattle area, that are both, sturdy and beautiful.

Balcony Railing

Balconies and Rooftops

Government buildings have a certain décor. Additionally, they need to follow a certain safety standard, especially when it comes to balconies and rooftops. Although installing these railings might seem much like the ordinary railings installed at home, the key difference here is usage. These railings are going to be used extensively by the public, and therefore need to be sturdy and extremely durable.

Parapet Wall

Parapet Walls

It goes without saying that just as we excel at installing railings on balconies and rooftops, we can also enhance the protection your parapet walls promise to give you, by installing sturdy and robust railings that can withstand the weight of any who wish to lean on them.

Stairs with Railing


Government buildings don’t need fancy stair railings or chandeliers to improve their aesthetic. Instead, they require strong and supportive railings that can be a source of ease for people. We understand that need and therefore are fully prepared to install the appropriate railings, be it steel, aluminum, PVC, or hardwood.

OSHA Ladder and Stairs

OSHA Compliant Ladders & Industrial Stairs

It has always been a source of pride for us that our team of professional and experienced technicians keep the relevant safety codes in mind, and use their expertise to install railings in a way that is safe and long lasting. In our many years of installing railings for government projects, we have worked extensively on projects where we had to install fixed steel railings on ladders and industrial stairs in order to make them OSHA-compliant. These railings are fixed into the ladders to provide more stability and strength and make industry-work safer.

Different Types of Railings

Besides the different styles of railings, Rescom Railing Systems offers a number of different types of railings, depending on the need and usage. These include:

Aluminum Railings

Strength, durability, affordability, and beauty; our aluminum railings have it all. Aluminum railings aren’t susceptible to rust or rot, and therefore require minimum attention! Aluminum railings with glass infills are also commonly seen at beaches, allowing a good view of the sea.

Cedar Railings

Cedar is a type of wood that is naturally rot- and insect-free. Cedarwood has a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent, thus its aromatic properties. The prime reason for its popularity is its durability, polished look, and ability to resist wood rot and bugs.

Hardwood Railings

Rescom Railing Systems also offers hardwood railings for government projects. The prime location for such railings for government contracts is courtrooms.

Glass and Aluminum Railing

Stainless Steel Railings

We have installed stainless steel railings in numerous malls, stadiums, and footpaths in the greater Seattle region. These railings are by far the most durable and cost-effective solution, thus they are extensive commercial and government use, such as in the railway system.

White PVC Railing for Stairs

Composite Railings

Composite is a man-made product that is both, durable and beautiful. Its main selling point is that it isn’t susceptible to bugs or rot, thus having a much longer lifespan. Composite railings are extremely beautiful as well, because of their easy customizability.

White PVC Railing for Stairs

PVC Railings

PVC railings are by far the most versatile type of railings that we can install. Our expert technicians can give PVC railings any shape or form of your liking, be it wooden fences, millwork railings, or even antique handrails. Moreover, PVC railings require almost zero maintenance compared to its wooden counterpart, which makes it an even more attractive option!


Residential Glass Railing Systems

Commercial Railing Systems

Government Railing Systems

Why Choose ResCom Railing Systems

As the leading railing contractor in Seattle, we strive to provide quality products and services to our customers and ensure maximum satisfaction. We give great importance to our honest values and are therefore willing to go to unprecedented lengths to uphold our reputation as the best railing solution provider.

For us, the customer is always right, which is why we will do everything in our power to satisfy you. Whether this means working late hours or resolving any issues related to our service, we are available 24/7.

If you’re just perusing or actually looking to get your place ‘railed’, you can contact us any time to get a quote. In addition, we know from experience that railings add a lot more to a place than just aesthetics! Customers often buy from a store that is much more pleasing to look at than at a showroom with ‘empty’ stairs.

ResCom Railing Systems is always ready to help you find the best railing solution for you at a price you can afford. Call us now to see firsthand, our passion for building beautiful railings for your business!