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PVC railing systems are an excellent choice for home and business owners in the Puget Sound looking for a cost-effective, durable, and highly versatile option for their railings. With PVC, your options for customization are virtually limitless as it has the unique ability to be molded into nearly any shape or form of your choosing.

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PVC railings require little to no maintenance compared to wood railings and are generally a more inexpensive option than their aluminum rail counterparts. This makes them a highly attractive choice for residential and commercial railing installs alike.

At Rescom Railing Systems, we specialize in custom designing complete PVC deck, stair, balcony, or other outdoor railing systems that will perfectly complement the architectural style of your home or project. We are always happy to design and craft a PVC railing system unique to your needs. 

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PVC Vinyl Railing System Features

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is low-cost, lightweight, and virtually a maintenance free product. It is one of the most popular materials currently available for use in the construction industry.

PVC is unique in that it can be shaped and formed to incorporate nearly any type of design feature that you might be looking for. In fact, at Rescom Railings Systems, our expert technicians are happy to craft PVC railings in any shape or form of your liking. Be it wooden fences, millwork railings, square balusters, custom post caps, or even antique handrails, we are able to create it for you. We can provide you with countless ways to customize your new railing system to fit your home or business.

PVC is also a highly durable material that is immune to warp, rot, and splitting, as well as insect and weather damage. This makes it perfect for the damp and unpredictable Seattle area climate. It never needs sanding, staining or painting, and it retains its color for decades. All of this without applying any sealants, stains, or other treatments to protect or color your railings.

With all the benefits that PVC railing offers, it’s no wonder that it is such a highly sought after option by both homeowners and businesses alike.

  • NHighly Customizable
  • NLong Lasting Color
  • NLow-Maintenance
  • NImmune to Damage

Customizing PVC Deck & Stair Railings

Because of PVC’s unique ability to be formed into almost any shape that you desire, PVC railings are a great complement to any type of existing deck, stair, balcony, porch, or patio you may already have. Plus it comes in a wide variety of long lasting colors that will perfectly match the exterior of your home or business.

At Rescom Railing Systems, we have the ability to combine PVC with other railing materials to bring you a fully customized railing line system. When it is incorporated with the various options for mounting brackets, and the types of infills and posts we have available, your design options are virtually

limitless. Along with your PVC railing, we can implement a wide selection of wood or aluminum reinforced picketts, stainless steel cable, or even glass infills to craft a PVC vinyl railing system that is completely unique to you.

Installation is quick and easy. We handle every step of the process for you from start to finish. When you know that you have the option for a completely unique, professionally installed PVC railing system made from the highest quality materials, there’s no reason to settle for a simple rail kit from the local store.

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