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ResCom Railing Systems is proud to have earned the distinction as one of the leading exterior railing contractors in the Seattle metropolitan area.

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We credit our success to our talented team and our commitment to super quality, craftsmanship and competitive pricing.

ResCom started as a residential railing company with a focus on designing and installing custom railing systems for decks and stairs. Customer referrals helped propel us into the commercial, industrial and government sectors. We specialize in all materials and styles of exterior railings for use in any application or building type.

Different Types of Railings

Besides the different styles of railings, Rescom Railing Systems offers a number of different types of railings, depending on the need and usage. These include:

Aluminum Railings

Strength, durability, affordability, and beauty; our aluminum railings have it all. Aluminum railings aren’t susceptible to rust or rot, and therefore require minimum attention! Aluminum railings with glass infills are also commonly seen at beaches, allowing a good view of the sea.

Wood Railings

Cedar is a type of wood that is naturally rot- and insect-free. Cedarwood has a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent, thus its aromatic properties. The prime reason for its popularity is its durability, polished look, and ability to resist wood rot and bugs.

Glass Railings

Rescom Railing Systems also offers glass railings for projects. Glass will give you safety but also not obstruct any view.

Glass and Aluminum Railing

Cable Railings

ResCom Railing Systems designs and builds custom cable railing for use in exterior stairways, decks and balconies.

White PVC Railing for Stairs

Composite/PVC Railings

Composite and PVC is a man-made products that is both, durable and beautiful. Its main selling point is that it isn’t susceptible to bugs or rot, thus having a much longer lifespan. Composite railings are extremely beautiful as well, because of their easy customizability.

White PVC Railing for Stairs


Guardrails are not only asthetically pleasing but also serves assurance for you and your families safety.

Residential Glass Railing Systems

Commercial Railing Systems

Government Railing Systems

Let us show you why Rescom has become the go-to source for railings in the Puget Sound area. Call us at (425) 215-0548  or contact us online to schedule a FREE ON-SITE ESTIMATE.