Commercial Railing Services

ResCom Railing Systems has years of experience in installing railings at popular venues, decks, walkways, balconies, stairs, etc. in the Greater Seattle Area. 

We pride ourselves in giving the best value for the money with the help of highly trained and respectable staff, whose only aim is to satisfy you beyond your expectations. We offer several different types of railings, each perfect for a specific range of surroundings.

Our railings constitute three basic components; the Post, Infill, and the top cap. When selecting what type of railings to install, it is important to consider what component will complement your surrounding materials and its style. If you are unable to decide, ResCom Railing’s team of experienced professionals can help you determine the best material after evaluating your needs and surroundings.

Our services aren’t just limited to shops, malls, and apartments, we can easily install railings in baseball stadiums, concert halls, theaters, playhouses, and many other places! We can supply and install all the different styles and designs of commercial railings

Whether your aim is to prevent trespassers from entering your space, giving support to people climbing the stairs, securing rooftops and balconies, or simply beautifying your building, call us now at (253) 243-9841 for premium railing installation services!

Post Material Options

This is the first thing you need to decide on when getting railings installed. At ResCom Railing Systems, you will find all the different types of post materials including Aluminum, stainless steel, hardwood, PVC, and Cedar.


Cedar Post


Aluminum Post


Composite Post


Hardwood Post


Stainless Steel Post



Endless Possibilities

Mounting Options:

This is the part that determines the strength of your railings. There are three ways in which a railing can be secured to your floor; surface mounting, fascia mounting, and flush mounting. ResCom Railing specializes in all three types and can mount your railings in whichever way you prefer.

Surface Mount
This type of mounting involves making a hole in your floor where the post is inserted. Our experts then secure the post with the help of screws on all sides. 

Fascia Mount
Fascia mount is much like a flush mount, except that our contractors add a secure holder in front. This gives more protection to your railing and allows it to withstand more weight.

Flush Mount
In flush mount, ResCom Railing’s contractors mount the railing on the side of your floor or stairs. We recommended this method for all those who wish to make their stairs more spacious.

Infill Options:

Infill is the middle section of your railing that connects the lower railing to the upper railing. At ResCom Railing, we offer a wide variety of options that you can choose from to offer a more beautiful and gracious look to your railings. Our clients can also give us their own ideas for infill, which we can implement without fail. The infill may be aluminum, picket, glass, cable, cedar, composite, PVC, or a blend of different styles. This list is not by any extent, exclusive.

Aluminum Pickett.
Aluminum with Glass.
Aluminum with Cable.
Cedar with Aluminum Pickett.
Cedar with Glass Infill.
Cedar with Cable.
Composite Pickett.
Composite with Glass.
Composite with Cable.

Top Cap Selection:

The top cap is the final component of your railing that adds elegance, finish, and style. It is the piece that runs along the top railing and is the first thing that people notice. You may choose a top cap of any material, including composite, wood, aluminum, steel, or even glass! If you wish, we can also make your top railing circular or curved to add even more style to your railings. Some people also prefer stylish corners to be added to their railings to beautify them further. ResCom Railing offers a wide range of such corners to select from.

Composite Topcap.
Hardwood Topcap.

Why ResCom Railing Systems

As the leading railing contractor in Seattle, we strive to provide quality products and services to our customers and ensure maximum satisfaction. We give great importance to our honest values and are therefore willing to go to unprecedented lengths to uphold our reputation as the best railing solution provider.

For us, the customer is always right, which is why we will do everything in our power to satisfy you. Whether this means working late hours or resolving any issues related to our service, we are available 24/7.

If you’re just perusing or actually looking to get your place ‘railed’, you can contact us any time to get a quote. In addition, we know from experience that railings add a lot more to a place than just aesthetics! Customers often buy from a store that is much more pleasing to look at than at a showroom with ‘empty’ stairs.

ResCom Railing Systems is always ready to help you find the best railing solution for you at a price you can afford. Call us now to see firsthand, our passion for building beautiful railings for your business!

Call (253) 243-9841 for a free estimate.
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