What Kind of Deck Railing for Portland, Oregon?

Black railing on deck

August 17, 2021

A deck railing in Portland, Oregon means potentially blocking the beautiful views the landscape has to offer, or you’re not taking advantage of the “weird” culture prevalent in the city. Many people, when installing a deck railing, think of it as just something to stop you from falling over and that is a missed opportunity. There are a lot of materials to choose from that can enhance or detract from your home and the landscape. There are also accessories that go with a railing that improve your deck and backyard fun. 

Let’s go over some of some things you can do with your deck railing in Portland, Oregon. 

Deck Railings for Portland, Oregon Weather

Portland has a reputation for being rainy, but since you have a deck, you know that isn’t always the case and the view is worth some water falling. Seeing more of your own backyard is worth the time to think about what kind of deck railing you want and so, here are some options to consider for a deck railing in Portland, Oregon:


Tempered glass panel railings carry elegance to them and block absolutely nothing. If you’re fortunate enough to have a stunning view, this is an option to ensure you can take it all in no matter where or how you’re sitting.


A vinyl deck railing, or plastic, sounds nice due to the cost, but you get what you pay for. It’s easily cracked and, depending on how it is installed, can easily block your view. The plastic railing is meant to be a cheaper alternative to wood since it can resist rot but comes with its own maintenance issues- in that when it cracks it must be replaced. Also, if you’re going for a more upscale deck look, you won’t achieve it with a plastic deck railing. 


Using aluminum for your deck railing in Portland, Oregon comes with a few benefits weather-wise. It’s resistant to harsh winters and rain, giving you less worry about that sort of damage. On the other hand, it’s easily chipped, corroded, dented, or scratched. Not the best option to have if you like to entertain or have very active children. 


This is the most common deck railing people have, and there is a reason. It’s beautiful, fixable, and with proper care, does well long-term. The downside is the upkeep, and Portland has all four seasons, meaning rot and other kinds of damage need to be dealt with quickly. You also have more options with material when it comes to wood deck railings. You can choose, to save money, spruce or pine or fir, and if you want something especially beautiful and strong, go for cedar. 

There are many other options when it comes to deck railings for Portland, Oregon homeowners, but these are the most popular options. Each material has its benefits and downsides, so make sure to read about what you prefer before buying what is needed for installation.

Accessorize your Deck

Accessories aren’t only to decorate or make for a better time on your deck in Portland, Oregon. They can help keep you safe and comfortable. For example, if you’re looking to light up the deck, you don’t only have to look at lighting for the walls. There are deck railing lights as well. Solar is the option that makes the most sense, depending on how much sunlight you get on your deck and what the rain is like in Portland that season, but it’s easily installed and often the best choice. 

If your inlays are a bit separated and you have small children, why not blend their safety with some gardening fun? You can install deck railing planters and have rows of flowers that enhance your view while preventing anyone from slipping through the railing. There are many deck railing planters available, so you can have fun designing your outdoor space. 

Help with your Deck Railing

If you’re unsure which material or what accessories work best with a deck railing in Portland, Oregon, you can always consult a professional. We at USI Custom Outdoor Living have specialized in building deck railings and deck installations since the beginning of our company. We strive to provide you with the most professional experience possible and are committed to quality, reliability, safety, tidiness, integrity, and communication.

If you’re looking to have a beautiful and secure deck railing, you’ve found the right group to get it done. We offer free estimates to make sure you know exactly the price range to expect. We look forward to helping you choose what material is best for your deck railing and how to make the most of it without blocking your view or risking anyone’s safety. 

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