How Much Do Outdoor Railings Cost?

Cedar deck with metal inserts

March 4, 2021

Adding new outdoor railings to your home is a great way to add character, value, and sometimes safety to your outdoor living space. Quality railings can transform a deck from functional to fantastic, make a basic stairway pop, or take a balcony from safe to sheek.  They’re one of the few upgrades to your home that serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose and therefore have a great return on investment. 

Whether you’re looking to install useful, but unique, new deck railings, stair railings, or balcony railings, you should take the time to understand how much it will cost to install your new railing system. Depending on the design, materials, and type of railing system you want installed, high quality, sturdy railings can become quite expensive.  

However, when it comes to installing railings it’s important not to cut costs.  A well built railing system can increase your home’s safety, curb appeal, and value.  Cheap railings that are not installed well can potentially reduce your home’s value and charm, or worse yet, make your home unsafe.

While the specific cost range for railing installation can vary throughout the Greater Seattle area, the expert railing installers here at Rescom Railing Systems have put together a handy guide to help you understand what to consider when determining how much outdoor railings cost.

The Main Factors That Influence Railing Prices

The four main factors that influence railing project costs are the length of your railing, the type of material you would like to use, the cost of labor, and any unique features your railing system might have.

According to HomeAdvisor, as of 2020 the national average cost for 10 linear feet of deck railing was $925.  However, cost per linear foot ranged between $420 to $6,480 depending on the location the railings were being installed, materials, and regional labor costs. 

Because of the wide range in prices in this area it’s always wise to get a consultation from a professional railings installer to get a more accurate estimate of your costs.  At Rescom Railing Systems, we offer free in-home consultations on our projects so you can be clear on what you’re paying up front, without any hidden or unexpected costs.

Types of Materials 

The main consideration when determining your stair, balcony, or deck railing cost is the type of material that you would like to use.  For deck railings you’ll want to choose something that compliments your decking material.  With stair railings and balconies, the material should complement the exterior of your home.  

In the Greater Seattle area, there are a wide range of options for building railing systems, including glass railing, aluminum railing, cable railing, and more.

Because each of these has a unique price point, the type of material you’d like to use on your railings accounts for the largest range in your price quote.  Popular options available from Rescom include:

  • Wood Railing
  • Composite Railing
  • Aluminum Railing.
  • Stainless Steel Railing
  • Glass Railing
  • Cable Railing

Labor Cost

The second thing to keep in mind when considering how much outdoor railings cost is the cost of labor. 

According to Home Advisor’s 2020 estimates, the average national cost for labor was $70/hour.  However, they emphasize that the cost of hiring a professional railing installer can vary quite a bit.  

For instance, labor costs can fluctuate depending on region, the type of railing installation, and type of material that you select.  This is because wages in some areas of the United States are higher than others, and also because one railing project may be more work intensive than the next. Home Advisor found that on the low end, labor can cost as little as $20 per linear foot, but reached costs as high as $600 per linear foot. 

At Rescom Railing, we promise to let you know what the cost of labor will be when we provide our estimate. We will base our labor cost on the intricacy of your project and will let you know upfront what you’ll pay.  That way there are no surprises when you get your final bill.

Railing Length

The next thing to consider when figuring out your project costs is how long your railing system will need to be.  Both material and labor costs for railings are calculated by cost per linear foot.  That means a 10 foot section of rail will generally cost less than a 20 foot section of railing that uses the same materials and design, and serves the same function. 

Railing System Design

Last but not least, the design of your railing system will influence the cost.  Whether you’re adding a deck railing, balcony railing, or stair railing, each type will have its own unique costs associated with it.  

Furthermore, each railing system is technically comprised of four unique elements: mounting brackets, posts, infills, and top caps.  This means that there is a huge range of possibilities for combining multiple types of materials in the same railing project.  For instance you could build a railing system with aluminum posts and top caps and a cable infill, a cedar railing system with glass infill, or a composite railing system with aluminum pickets, among a number of other possibilities. 

At Rescom Railing, we’re happy to help you with your new railing system design as part of our fee. We have a designer on staff that will help you determine the layout, materials and colors that will work best for your outdoor space.  We’ll even provide you with renderings to see what your railing system will look like before we build.

Add Ons & Accessories

In many cases, your new railing system will be just the starting point of your home improvement project and not the finish.  

Perhaps you need a new deck or stairway to build that railing system on in the first place.  Or maybe you would like to accent your new railing system with lighting, planter boxes, hangars, or other built-ins. Each of these different add-ons will, of course, increase the pricing of your railing system even more. 

As an affiliate of PCF Custom Outdoor living, Rescom Railing is a part of an all-star lineup of companies that can help you out with just about any railing addition or home improvement project.  If the team that builds your railing system can’t do it, we have someone on hand who can. We can help you with

  • Decks
  • Deck Stairs
  • Deck Covers
  • Built-in Benches & Seating
  • Firepits & Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Heating

… and more

Feel free to ask us during your free consultation about other projects or add-on you might be interested in and we’ll help you determine what it will cost and how to incorporate these features into your railing system design.

Additional Expenses to Consider

Aside from the costs associated with the railing installation itself there are a couple more expenses you should keep in mind when calculating how much your outdoor railings will cost:

Building Permits: In most cases you will likely need a building permit for your new railing system.  Permit costs can vary by city or municipality, so check in with your local government offices to determine how much your building permit will cost.

Property Taxes: Since a new railing system will increase your home value, that means your property taxes will ultimately go up.  Contact the Washington State Department of Revenue for more information on how your property taxes could be affected.

Is a New Railing System Worth The Investment?

Now that we’ve helped you answer your question, “how much do outdoor railings cost?”, you might be wondering if spending the money is worth the investment.

At Rescom Railing, we believe that the answer to this question is most definitely yes! Not only does a new railing system improve your home’s curb appeal and provide added safety, but it adds tangible resale value to your home as well.

Railing Financing:

To make the costs of building your railing system easier, home improvement loans are available from a number of sources.  Financing your railing costs gives you the freedom to make the investment in your home now, and pay for it when you are able.

At Rescom Railing we work with reputable financial partners that can help you get the loan you need to make your dream deck a reality.

Call us at (425) 215-0548  [tel link] or contact us today to get your free on-site estimate, and we’ll help direct you to the right financial partner for your project.

Find a Financing Option That’s Right For You

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